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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some Fun Stuff of Note

So a couple days ago a classmate of mine sent me a message, totally excited, saying that someone had tweeter her one of my comics. She did not personally know this person, but was acquainted via Twitter and they had felt the need to share my comic with her. This was perhaps the best part of my day. No joke, best part of the day.

Let me explain; I draw these comics for fun, because I like to draw, and because I feel like it. They may not be the best drawings, or the most funny, or whatever, but I enjoy them, and I try to share them with all of you. I have no idea how many people actually follow Indeterminate Causality on a regular basis, but I'm thankful for all of you. Hopefully my work can put a smile on your face, either because it was funny, or because you can't believe I wasted my time drawing something so crappy (hopefully the first one, though haha).

The fact that some person somewhere else was viewing my work is mind blowing to me! That this person enjoyed my comic enough to send it to someone else is absolutely incredible! Thank you, whoever you are!

I'm probably overreacting to this a bit, but whatever. I'm stoked about it. I hope you all continue to enjoy my work as much as I enjoy drawing and posting it.

- Tommy

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